Teeki Weekend Retreat @ The Centre

26 Nov

Sup peeps,

Am excited to be teaching a juicy, funky, power vinyasa flow this Saturday 2PM @ The Centre In Kingsland above Little Bird UnBakery, thanks to TEEKI.

If you have not heard of TEEKI. You will. It’s the coolest eco-yoga wear brand with a cult-like following right across the world.

They make their tights from recycled plastic bottles, in the most radical prints and styles.

I’ll be teaching 2PM sharp for 1 hour. You have to book online. So don’t delay – Do it now!  http://www.the-centre.co.nz/timetable/

We’ll be cranking up the tunes and rocking the TEEKI Sale all day long with discounted yoga gear from and free Little bird organics cold-pressed juice shots and raw macaroons + Giveaways!

See ya there,

Love always, R.I.A


Teeki Reflections


Unlock Your Raw Potential & Performance

17 Nov 10565143_892943877401811_4635060682796577546_n

It’s that time of the year when you realise – ‘Holy shit! It’s that time of the year!’  Yup… It’s that time when everything starts going full speed ahead to the new years eve countdown. It’s that time of year when we have more parties, more planning, more things to do than any other time of year. There’s presents to organise and trips to plan, and work to do, but hey – What about YOU? What do we do when everything just gets a bit hectic? What do we do to keen our mental, emotional and physical state in balance?

We get together with our community and engage in an afternoon of RAW FUSION FUN Sunday 30th of November 1 – 5pm at the brand spanking new Raw Yoga space in Milford.
Raw yoga in Milford  and Teeki have arranged a super cool interactive afternoon to discover what ‘Raw Yoga’ is all about.   Starting off with a Strength Yoga Experience lead by Nicole and Selva. (B.Y.O Stretchy pants or buy some Teeki to sweat in <3) .  The afternoon continues with a variety of speakers from the local community – introducing their work and what we are all about here at Raw Yoga. Starting of with Nicole from Raw talking about the ‘how to’ of Yoga, followed by Selva from GetFitFast who will be discussing the type of training he does and clean eating, Then John from Resilio Design talking ‘Food as Medicine’.

I’m excited, because not only will I be holding down the tunes,  I’ll also be giving a short and sweet presentation on ZRII (the amazing new business I am working with that has a 100% health commitment promoting balance, healing and transformation) – Not to mention a bit of good old fashioned wealth for those that want to get involved with the business side of things!   I will be speaking about three of my most favorite products in the Zrii range which have been carefully formulated for performance, mental focus and stress reduction for a those who live a full life.

The Original Amalaki.

How would you like one nutrition product to rejuvenate the mind and body? Yes. Zrii’s superfoods, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory herbs, and phytonutrients are scientifically formulated to enhance your natural ability to feel alert, energized and renewed.

  • Enhances cellular rejuvenation*
  • Promotes energy*
  • Helps fortify immune function*
  • Promotes healthy digestion*

‘Rising Naturally’ above the competition.
Wake up to healthy, radiant energy. Zrii Rise™ high performance coffee is infused with extra antioxidants and two unique, all-natural wellness ingredients to elevate your energy and transform your health.

Why Zrii Rise™ High Performance Coffee?
Most modern diets do not supply optimal amounts of antioxidants. Although coffee is a potentially rich source, roasting destroys about 90% of naturally occurring antioxidants in coffee beans. In contrast, Zrii Rise™ provides more beneficial antioxidants than most people consume daily from fruits and vegetables combined! Plus a host of total-body benefits including digestive, immune, and cellular health support.


There will be give-aways and a space to ask questions and find out what is happening in our holistic wellbeing community. TEEKI Clothing coming to share and sell their goodness

Book now through the website for your Strength Yoga space, or turn up on the day for popcorn style workshop fun!   http://www.rawyoga.co.nz/events


YogaRhythms NZ Promotional Video Spring 2014 Has Landed

12 Nov 20141031-IMG_5467

If you couldn’t make it along to the Wildings Halloween Event, here is the video and photo review. Video shot on the 31st of October in Grey Lynn, by Jen @ ClairObscur. We’re thrilled to be finally releasing this to the WORLD to show you what we do!

The YogaRhythms Experience is an all encompassing, interactive, fun fusion of yoga with world-driven beats, for a guided journey through connectedness, radical self-expression, movement and unity. YogaRhythms is a New Zealand Based Interactive Yoga Dance Collective.  Yoga and dance are one and the same – breath-led movement designed to free our souls.

What you see in this video is a high-vibe, 100% clean energy yoga-dance experience led by Kara-Leah Grant, and musically directed by yours truly.



Video Edit by: Jennifer Raoult @ Clairobscur (www.clairobscur.co.nz)
Music By; (in order) Shiva Invocation-Benjy Wertheimer, The Truth-Mr Squatch, Nickodemus -Desert Dancer, Shamans Dream-Afronaut

DJ & Director: R.I.A (www.rireinaction.com)
Yoga Teacher & Yoga Trance Dance Leader: Kara-Leah Grant (www.theyogalunchbox.co.nz)
Performance by: ZUZU (www.facebook.com/ZUZU.collective)
Set Design: Tarnos (www.tarnos.co.nz)

Special loving thanks to:
We’ar Yoga and LifeStyle Wear (www.wearyogaclothing.com)
The Yoga LunchBox (yoga media for the modern yogi http://www.theyogalunchbox.co.nz)
Zrii ACCELL – Triple Metabolic Natural Booster (www.futuremovement.shopzrii.com)
Helana McAlpine -Face-Paint Designs <3
Alison Brewer Photography
RaminKrause.com Photography
Jodine Stodart @ Subtropica

Rebekah Taylor @ Rise Creative


What the people had to say….

“It was such a divine experience. It was the perfect harmony of Yoga, Dance, Rhythm, Movement, Breath and Flow. The amazing Kara-Leah Grant took us on a journey where you were able to completely let go of the outside world and blissfully melt into the present moment – energy flowing through the body and upwards – connected to Self, connected to each other, connected to the Earth, on an all natural high, collectively pulsing and vibing to the raddest tribal beats and tunes by the music Goddess Le Rire . I loved every moment and left totally buzzing and filled with Prana ♡”  – Rebecca White

“WOW what an incredibly freeing and wild experience we had Friday night at the Grey lynn community centre. Tribal bass , yoga and dancing are a few of my favourite things and to have them combined and facilitated by the beautiful powerhouse that is Karah-Leah Grant was just plain epic! Our energies were soaring afterward – full frothing! xxx” – Tara Cornelia

“What can I say apart from Wow!! It was just a great harmony between yoga, dance and flow!! It made me feel so alive, by the end of it I was buzzing naturally!! What I loved so much was how we were just practicing great yoga lead by Kara-Leah and then it just flowed into beautiful dance with epic music from RIA… ( really amazing tunes ). The transition of yoga to dance flowed so smoothly I didn’t know I was actually already dancing and really feeling the music!!
Thanks so much.,,, I really loved the vibe and can’t wait for more!! I’m totally hooked!!” – Laurie Flint

“I have to say – practicing yoga to music is a divine experience, especially when the selection has been made by someone who knows what they are doing. It was that much easier to let go of the outside world and melt into the breath, the moment, the body, the rhythm. As the energy spiralled up and up toward the peak of ecstatic movement, flinging ourselves around while maintaining connection to the earth and to each other, was a new kind of high that I haven’t experienced before. I am well-versed in losing myself to music, to my body – but Kara-Leah led us down a path that was entirely fresh – the key was in the connection. We danced while looking each other in the eyes. We moved outward and inward, and it felt beyond good to be so loose and wild while pulsing only to the inner fire – no other stimulants necessary (we-ell, except for the complementary glass of ayurvedic go-go juice handed out at the start).
My face hurt from grinning so hard. My body was sparked up with a healthy dose of prana. I left on a total high, and even thinking back on it gives me a buzz.
Thanks once again, you two sparkling beauties, for inviting us in and leading us along such a vivid journey.” Hannah Schenter


Photo Review From; RAMINKRAUSE.com







We were blessed to meet Ramin Krause, who is not only an exceptional photographer, but he’s also an entrepreneurial traveler currently moving around NZ, sleeping in a hammock and documenting his journey along the way. He was so keen on Wildlings, he hitched in from out west, and rocked up to the gig with a giant pack and camera in hand. He also joined us on our adventure to Waiheke. Ramin Krause, born 1994, is a photographer from Cologne, Germany that currently lives with Hippies in New Zealand.

Check out his incredible work HERE. Thank you Noodles!

VOIIAGE is a crowd funding campaign that will see him hitchhike all the way back to Germany, doing his unique style of multimedia blogging along the way. VIEW HERE

YOGARHYTHMS Experience coming to SPLORE Festival 21 & 22nd of February, and SUNDAIZE 5th -6th of March – Don’t miss out!  Keen an eye on the Yogarhythms Facebook for more experiences.

For bookings contact: hello@futuremovment.co.nz

Peace and love and dancing and YOGA4LIFE


Future Movement Radio & Raw Yoga!

17 Oct FMR_17 OCT

Future Movement Radio is Up for another week, and really excited to be helping Launch the brand spanking new RAW YOGA space this Saturday night with some big beats and fat rhythms.

LISTEN TO FUTURE MOVEMENT RADIO, & hear an interview with Nicole about who YOGA is soooooo RAD!

Future Movement Radio Show 16th October: from deep to moombahton & yoga with Nicole Moyes by Rireinaction on Mixcloud


RAW – More than a Yoga Studio, Raw Yoga is a space and group of inspired teachers coming together to share and play through Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Kids Yoga and an array of vibrant workshops

Address: http://www.rawyoganz.com/contact.html




Me and Nicole from Raw!






Wildlings Feat. YogaRhythms [A Halloween Event]

13 Oct

Have been busy – so stoked to share this news. I just put this together, so spread the word and come down and come and get wild with us if you’re in the hood.


“A Transformational Experience of Yoga, Dance, and Tribal Beats”

We’AR & Future Movement Present…

”WILDLINGS” [A Halloween Event]


& Guest Teacher Kara-Leah Grant (theyogalunchbox.co.nz)

Performances from Dj Chica licorica (WAI only) ZUZU Collective


AUCKLAND: 31st of OCTOBER, Grey Lynn Community Hall -TICKETS
WAIHEKE: 1st of NOVEMBER, Palm Beach Hall – TICKETS

-Dress To Express-


We’re kicking off summer with a Halloween style yoga experience that will have you spooked with pleasure. After a big start to 2014 performing festivals such as Splore and Wanderlust, YogaRhythms is pleased to announce a transformation from a dynamic duo to cultural collective utilizing prolific teachers, musicians and performing artists to join DJ R.I.A at the musical helm.


Original counterpart Sarah Jane Perman AKA ‘Yoga With SJ’ is taking on the world with her desirable yoga retreats and wellness work, so YogaRhythms has opened up it’s arms to join forces with new teachers to keep the love, light and music alive down under. (keep in touch with SJ at http://www.sarahjaneperman.com)


YogaRhythms is thrilled to be working with respected teacher, writer, and speaker, Kara-Leah Grant from theyogalunchbox.co.nz, who will guide the experience through two events of mind, body and soul stimulation. Not only is she an inspiring teacher, she has also trained with world-renowned global yoga goddess Shiva Rea in the art of Trance Dance. She is also one of the local talents teaching and speaking at next years Wanderlust Festival at Great Lake Taupo.
“I spent most of my 20s dancing – in nightclubs, at raves & outdoor parties and at sporting events and experienced firsthand the powerful transformative energies of the dance. When I practiced yoga at home, it often spun out into dance – something I was afraid wasn’t “real yoga”, and even felt guilty doing. Then I discovered Shiva’s teaching of Prana Flow & Yoga Trance Dance™.”
– Kara Leah Grant, Yoga Lunchbox


YogaRhythms is an all encompassing, interactive, fun fusion of yoga with world-driven beats, for a guided journey through connectedness, radical self-expression, movement and unity. Yoga and dance are one and the same – breath-led movement designed to free our souls.


YogaRhythms will also be playing Splore & Sundaize Festival this Summer.


This is going to be 2 x nights to remember. Space is strictly limited, so don’t miss out. Grab your tickets and reserve you mat space. Special thanks to WE’AR, Zrii, Subtropica & YogaLunchbox

A couple of ‘Must haves’ for the playlist..



I spent 5 days looking for the ultimate image for our poster, but couldn’t find one, so I had to create one myself. Here’s some of the incredible images that came from the speed shoot with the talented http://www.alisonbrewer.com (hair, makeup and photography)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



About (ME) R.I.A (aka rireinaction.com) She’s a fun-loving, genre jumping DJ whose infectious energy, musical knowledge and Dj pedigree unfailingly shines through in her sets.  An established working DJ, industry professional and radio announcer rising 12 years, her diverse range of musical flavor has seen her grace many cultures and circles right across the globe.   Her natural ability to amplify or soften a mood as a DJ is charismatic. Not shy to stick her fingers in pies, she works under multiple guises such at The Play DJS, YogaRhythms and Future Movement www.rireinaction.com

About Kara-Leah Grant: Kara-Leah was the most inflexible person in the class when she started yoga – she couldn’t touch her knees, let alone her toes. Consistent and regular practice helped her heal chronic back issues and now she is both bendy and pain-free. When she experienced two episodes of psychosis in 2004, it was her yoga practice that helped her put the fragmented parts of her psyche back together. These experiences taught her how to claim her own power, connect to her internal wisdom and step into spontaneous flow. Now, this is what she teaches on the mat, writes about in her books and on her website. Kara-Leah is the publisher and editor of The Yoga Lunchbox, New Zealand’s most popular yoga website. She has been invited to teach and speak at Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo in 2015, New Zealand’s biggest mindful, yoga and music festival. Already a successful published author, this is Kara-Leah’s second book. Her first, Forty Days of Yoga, was published last year and has just gone into its third print run. http://www.theyogalunchbox.co.nz

About Dj Chica Licorica Auckland mistress of Tropical Bass, Chica Licorica mixes a unique blend of tropical sounds from around the globe, creating colourful and accessible sets ranging from Cumbia Nueva to Brazillian Bass, Merengue to Moombahton, Afro-beat and more. Starting out as a radio DJ for Melbourne’s PBS FM in 2007 with weekly 2hr slot ‘Beat Carnival’, Licorica has continued to host regular global bass shows on Radio Ponsonby ‘Subtropica Selections’ and Waiheke Radio’s ‘Planeta Loca’ on Friday nights. The vibe is alive, contagious and picante – musica con sabor. Licorica will create a specially crafted set to take the yoga rhythms higher and into the night. https://www.facebook.com/licorica

Future Movement Radio 20-07-2014. Got a Glitch

26 Jul

Future Movement Radio 20-07-2014. Got a Glitch by Rireinaction on Mixcloud


Artist Unknown, One of A kind
Pretty Lights, Done Wrong (Opiuo Remix)
Symbiosis Events, Lazertooth, Dubzilla & Spoken Bird – Triple Threat
1 Giant Leap, Inspiration (JPOD remix)
Sola Rosa, These Words (JPOD remix)
Sola Rosa, Promise (Instramental)
Beats Antique, Beauty Beats
Beats Antique, 100 Eyes
Dirtwire, Taiga (Dimond Saints Remix)
opiuo, Water Mouth Ft Sun_monx
Higher Intelligence Agency, Delta

YogaRhythms (R.I.A & Nikki Ralston) Live at Aroha Wellness Retreat

19 Jul yr_profilepic_2

Yoga + Music fusing seamlessly in the majestic mountain environment of Aroha Wellness Retreat, Glenorchy on a sub-alpine terrace with expansive views of Lake Wakatipu. Massive LOVE and thanks to Damian from Aroha, NIkki Ralston and Lulu Lemon AUS/NZ. <3

Grab your free download of the music from the soundcloud link below;



Track Listing

MC Yogi, Shanti (Peace Out)
Nightmares On Wax, Calling (Original Mix)
Kuba, Mura
Groove Armada, Little By Little
Flume, Warm Thoughts
Touch Sensitive, Slowments
Ben Pearce, What I Might Do (Kilter Remix)
Sorceress, Te_Kano
The Nextmen vs Joe Dukie Blow Wind Blow
MC Yogi Ganesh Is Fresh (Omstrumental)
Panjabi MC, Mundian To Bach Ke
Dirtwire, Taiga ft. Kongar-ol Ondar
Eastern Thing
DJ Drez, Partner For What It’s Worth (India Dub) [feat. Joey Lugassy]
Ghostfriend, Moist


Peace, love & yoga



Future Movement Radioshow 10-7-2014

10 Jul

Future Movement Radio 10 July 2014 - Tropical Winter by Rireinaction on Mixcloud

Dirtwire    Taiga (Dimond Saints Remix)
Sabo & Cassady    Kuff Kumbia
DJ Drez    Sitar Lights (feat. Dvine 1 Joel Long)
Damu The Fudgemunk    Time Leak (Redef Remix Instrumental)
Club des Belugas    Save a Little Love for Me (feat. Ester Rada)
Featurecast      Soul Children – A.G.F.A Remix
Opiuo    Space Party ft. The Fungineers, BluRum13, Russ Liquid
Beats Antique    Catskillz (JPOD remix)
See-I    Haterz 24/7 (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Empresarios    Cumbia (Nickodemus remix)
FLOW DYNAMICS    Bossa For Bebo (Lack Of Afro mix)
Mr. Benn    Trubble – Saxtrumental Mix
A.Skillz Vs Beat Vandals    Blowin’ Up
black grass    the finest thing (a skillz &
BRASSY    B Cos We Rock (Nextmen vocal remix)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem    Raygun Kills
Kingman Fire    03. B1 Esmeralda Suite
Sabo & Melo    01. A1 Go San Dos
Sabo & Melo    SOL 026 “Crema e Gusto” Preview Mix
Schlachthofbronx    Lights Off feat. Nicky Da B (Masta Remix)
Captain Planet    Un Poquito Mas (feat. Chico Mann)

Ōtautahi This Weekend!

10 Jul PLAY DJS_Neon Nights



Big weekend of music in my favorite South Island City. It’s not that glamorous these days, but that’s what gives it edge.  No matter what people say about it, Christchurch rocks. It’s got heart, and the people there no how to party. I love the venues and the attitude of the people down there. There’s no boundaries for creativity at events there’s stylish bars have popped up everywhere flanking the quake torn city center.

I’ll be teaming back up with my bass-girl C:SHE for our first Play DJS gig for the season! Check out our mix from Rhythms and Alps last year… And guess what, we’re booked again for this year.. WHOOP!

If your down that way come and see me, or listen out on the radio!

Friday 8-9pm – R.I.A PULSE FM with Will

Friday 10-1am – R.I.A The Monday Room

Saturday 4-6Pm – R.I.A & C: SHE The Green Room on RDU Radio with Nacoa

Saturday 10 – fall-down in sweaty mess at Winnies with PLAY DJS (R.I.A and DJ C;SHE)


See you on the D Floor Cha Cha !!






The Colours of Bali

30 Jun

Bali is such a wonderful, inspiring, magical place and I was lucky enough to capture some of it’s beauty with our new Canon G16 camera. Enjoy the colours of Bali through the eyes of this lovely little lens.


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