YogaRhythms Blood Moon Mix

16 Apr

if you’re like me you’ll be feeling the celestial energy in the cosmos as of late.  The timing on this feels rather surreal as i’ve been meaning to put a mix together after the Wanderlust amazingness for ages, but for some reason or another it hasn’t been happened. It’s ironic how the timing for this fell over the night and morning after the Aries full moon aka ‘Blood Moon’ and lunar eclipse. I went into a flow state, and couldn’t stop until it was done. Another small lesson to tune into the energy of the universe and go with the FLOW.

Share the beauty and mystery of our night sky with music and yoga.

Yoga Teacher – WHAT?

24 Mar One day I'll be doing this in full lotus!

Ok everyone, this is a very scary, but VERY cool announcement; After my 12 year love affair with Yoga, i have finally been inspired (and kicked up the ass) to take this incredible art form and way of life to the next level.

Wanderlust Festival has been a huge contributing factor, as well as all the incredible people I have met through the experience.  I’m about to embark on a 3 month training program with Power Living Australia – It’s official, i just paid the deposit!

This will be a life changing journey that will take me – Urr um …. God knows where, but I know it will amazing! I’m excited, scared and nervous like crazy…

I knew the Year Of The Unicorn has some magical things in store, but I never thought that this would be me, and so soon! Sometimes if you get thrown a ball you just have to run with it…! In this case it’s a rose quartz heart stone that I’m clinging onto for dear life!

It all started with a quick chat at the Power Living Australia tent at Wanderlust Festival Melbourne, followed by a couple of encouraging phone calls with the lovely Justine Hamill in NZ who singed me up! Then, Duncan gave me his book on Sunday  – There’s no backing down now.

This couldn’t be possible without the amazing love and support from my beautiful partner Tarnos and my Mum who’s generously lent me some cash. Go mum!  Love you guys so much. Thank you for taking a punt with me. I promise I will be great xxx <3 And thank you Universe!


FMR on Base FM 20-3-2014

21 Mar

New Radio Show off the ranks. Enjoy!


19 Mar The Greatest Place

It’s Wander-March. (Wanderlust Month in March).. It’s the pet name I have given it….  And rightly so.  It’s been Wander-fully weird and dramatically transitional so far. I took the ball and ran with it… This month has been anti-coffee, anti-alcohol, anti-gluten, anti-dairy and a daily commitment to yoga.  I’m not in this alone, my guy is with me all the way on the diet which makes this whole game super fun. This has been great, but we  have both developed cronik addiction to raw chocolate.. (got to replace the cravings with something right?)

So if you’ve been following this blog, you would’ve caught on that i’ve been involved as a DJ, performing as YogaRhythms (myself and SJ) and well as being a general hyper, crew member & yogi fly. I practice yoga, but i wouldn’t say i’m that good at it… Especially when I see some these incredible yogis and yoginis doing their thing. Their strength is mind blowing. One thing has lead to another and now it seems that I am enrolled in Yoga teacher training starting straight after Wander-Syds.  How did that happen? A great sales pitch perhaps? Or is this Wander-March taking me on a wild new ‘life’ adventure. I’ve always been about jumping in the deep end, but this is happening pretty fast. It’s Wander-March – Hold onto your feathered hat’s!

This is the beauty of Wanderlust. It’s bringing this incredible, ancient and beautiful art to the limelight. So many people discovering yoga, filling lives with possibility, openness, and access to a community of belonging, but is it happening too fast? Yoga is still in it’s infancy here in the west. Egos are in the way and shit get’s dramatic. Even in my novice experience i’ve seen it. We trip, we stumble, we have fear.. But when we come back to the breath, we grow courageous and strong. Yoga inspires us to be better people, to follow our hearts and to make a positive impact everywhere we go and to everyone we meet. This is what differentiates yoga from normal physical exercise – It’s the spiritual thrust and willingness to turn off the static and tune into the calm.

So here’s a few snaps from Wander-Melbs on the 10th of March.  Wander-Aucks is coming up THIS SUNDAY!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfort’s there will be no YOGARHYTHMS at the Wander-Aucks, as SJ has decided to stay in Sydney and continue her Wellness Warrior path, but there will be a very special collaborative performance in our place – More on that later….

Here was my Melb playlist for YogaRhythms – Check it
Les nuits, Nightmares On Wax
Lebanese Blonde, Thievery Corporation
Why Can’t We Live Together (feat. Petra Philipson), Nickodemus & Osiris
Finally Moving, Pretty Lights
Fever (feat. Missi Hale & Venste), Worldwide Groove Corporation [feat. Missi Hale & Venste}
Dreams, (Psychemagik Remix) Fleetwood Mac
Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix), Lissat & Voltaxx, Marc Fisher
Little By Little, Groove Armada
Sleepless (feat. Jezzabell Doran), Flume
Feather, Little Dragon
Royals (Lazerdisk Remix), Lorde
Teardrops, Womack & Womack

Look forward to seeing you there for some yoga AND dancing - round 2.

One love,

EOIN FINN – More Than Your Average Tree Hugger.

17 Mar Eoin Finn in Piha 26th of March 2014

Screenshot 2014-03-17 at 11.43.04 PM

So this isn’t very musicy – but hay, it’s where i’m at right now – i’m deep in the yoga buzz! I have a new company (more about that later) and that mean’s exciting ventures down a new path. V-Exciting!

First off the rank is Eoin Finn Blissology Workshop in Piha! He’s visiting New Zealand for the first time EVER as part of the inaugural Wanderlust festival 2014. He’s a yogi legend, blissologist, ocean worshipper & surfer and will be coming to Piha Surf Life Saving Club for a super fun, one-off, transformative, happiness inducing yoga workshop, hosted by yours truly..

Piha is in for a treat.  Eoin is a world-class yogi traveling the globe sharing, teaching and inspiring people with his signature Blissology Yoga classes. ‘Blissology is the art of tuning into the force that makes us feel connected to each other and the planet.

His visionary writings about health, happiness and interconnection have appeared alongside noted authors Deepak Chopra, Prince Charles, and Eckhart Tolle, and include features in Vogue, InStyle, Yoga Journal and Oprah Magazine.

Residing between Vancouver, BC, Venice, CA and Bali, he’s pumped to finally check out Piha and catch some waves while he’s at it.

“I travel constantly to all kinds of beautiful places but when I forecast my year, coming to Piha is one of the things that makes me most excited. It sounds 100% like my type of place; mountains, waves, forests and people who’s psychology is shaped by the beauty of these landscapes. Everything I have to teach comes from absorbing the energy of places like this so I can’t wait to share something I think will be magical.  When people describe New Zealand to me, I am not sure why I don’t live there!”
Blissology Sunset Workshop, Wednesday 26th of March, Piha Surf Life Saving Club, 6pm

- ‘TWIST it’, sister!

Twists are an ecstatic way to broaden our horizons, expand our range of motion, loosen the hips and stabilize the spine. They make us feel younger, freeing the side body muscles, invigorating our spirit and detoxing the belly organs. It is incredible though how much deeper and safer you can make both twists and hip opening using specific Blissology Alignment Principles. Expect to work in detail but also be prepared to experience a flowing and deep vinyasa yoga class that will have you not wanting to operate heavy machinery for a while. Come taste the bliss waiting to be set free in this hips and twist class. Not just for sisters, but yoga brothers can join in the bliss as well
- Eoin Finn

Complimentary Coconut Isotonic Refreshment and Raw Chocolate treats, thanks to Nicky Mackinnon (Real Food Promoter)

Buy Tickets:

Contact ME if you want to know more. Rire Norman / / + 64 22 0400 541  /  /

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Prana Unplugged for Elemental

7 Mar Elemental @ Prana

last weekend we went to Elemental @ PRANA. I have been so intrigued about this place -  A magical piece of land on the Coromandel Peninsular flanking the barreling waves of Opoutere beach

Over 20 years of inspiring New Years Feastval celebrations, the land has become a mecca for the creatively conscious, environmentally mindful and any playful explorer keen to connect with kindred souls.   Year after year friends come back from Prana raving about it. The land is established, cultured, colourful and full of character. I’m usually off being a busy Dj / event person over this period, so this is one place i was craving to experience.

It just so happened that my neighbour in Piha, come flatmate, come good friend, Daniel Vasku married the daughter of Mr Prana himself, the beautiful Maya. They spent half their life in Holland, and now call NZ home, living close to the land making the cogs turn with fresh energy, ideas and worldly inspiration.

They invited me to headline ELEMENTAL, which is a much more laid back, smaller event focusing on a ‘let it flow’ approach. A lucky few (like me) are invited to come along and trade their skill or service in exchange for a pass and meals. Tickets are also sold, and there’s a number of woofers on site who work in harmony to keep everything rolling.

ELEMENTAL is about ‘unplugging’ and getting back to nature. The original vision was to invite musicians to jam with an open mic policy (hense ‘unplugged’).  I interpret it different. For me it’s a metaphor for getting off the grid. No phone reception = no phone or computer to suck you into the spider web of cyber intensity. You’re free to be present to natures beauty and human-connectedness.

We were given the grand pu-bah of marquees to call home. It was bright yellow like a gold palace and sat at the top of the campground.  We felt very royal indeed! With only 200 people on site, it created the coolest, intimate atmosphere in a camping paradise! There were no ques for (the super, amazing composting) loos, the home cooked meals, and dragonfire pizza, kids running-a-muck, and a lady even brought her chickens in her house bus! It felt like home.

There were a number of low key workshops; ARIAL YOGA, ACRO YOGA, CYCOTRON, ESTATIC DANCE, and we brought the heat to the dance-floor at night.

My partners in crime were; Dan C (Abundance) and kale.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt an electric synergy between the Djs and crowd alike. Dan, Kale and I have a similar taste in music and style and were able to take the dancers on a wild ride! I love to play music in general, but playing to this crowd blew my heart right open with love for them.  They danced so hard, and with not not a drop of alcohol. For hours.  On Saturday night around 3am, their legs collapsed and they continued to dance on the floor until they were a squirming mess of hot sweaty, beautiful bodies.

We connected with old friends, and met loads of new ones. There’s also those you see around a few times with hugs and high 5′s, but ow we’ll be friends for life.  I can’t wait to share more amazing experiences with these gorgeous humans.

Being at Prana feels like we’re living as real human beings” – Dan C

No dancing footage unfortunately! Maybe Vasku has some we can share later…VASKU? But, for now here’s a vid from ma man’ Jsun and the VOPERTRONZ. Omg -  a world-class act – freakin’ incredible!! You get the vibe??

And a photo review. THANK YOU PRANA!! We love you xx <3

Base Fm’s Boat Party Highlights Vid Is Out!

7 Mar Eric Lau inthemix BaseFmBoatParties

It’s been a cracker start to the year, and what better summer job can you possibly have than putting on MF’n BOAT PARTIES!??  These events brought some serious sass to Auckland harbour with phat sounds, hot babes, stylee dudes, balmy nights, and tasty Black Robin Gin and tonics on tap!

Been a total treat to work on this project with Jazz and Dils and the Base Family.. You have to sometimes pinch yourself and think – omg – i get paid to create this. #feelinglucky

Here’s the video we produced and the media release i wrote.  One for the time capsule [insert feather into cap] Be a legend and share it.. GO on <3


MEDIA RELEASE 6th of March 2014

#BASEFMHIGHSEAS Boat Party Highlights Video Release (Summer 2014)

Eric Lau inthemix BaseFmBoatParties

‘One of the best parties I have ever played. I will never forget this’  - Eric Lau.

Rocking on the wake of New Zealand’s’ pinnacle summer month is the release of the #BaseFMHighseas Boat Party Highlights Video.

Let’s face it, there’s something about going on a boat party that leaves you hyped and dancing like a crazy person with a huge grin slapped across your face. Maybe it’s the sun, the people, the flow of crispy cold beverages, or perhaps it’s just the beats. What ever it is – boat parties are it.

It’s been a good start to the year for Base FM.  Two solid Boat Parties sit comfortably under their belt, and much like a good feed, the effects are digesting nicely.

The Boat Parties were such a new and exciting project for us. To work with international artists, labels, promoters and an all-new ‘floating’ venue – it’s inspiring. I still can’t help but smile from ear to ear, just thinking about it – definitely a ‘next level’ concept and production for Base FM. Not just another club show that blurs into the next but something so special that everyone on that boat will remember for the rest of their lives” Jazz Ziedan (Base FM Managing Director)

Hosting international talent was key to create an overall vibe and experience for their guests.  To achieve this Base FM teaming up with Sam Dutch from Grindin (Touring & Management Agency/AUST) to bring a dose of world-class underground beats to Auckland.

“Big shout outs to Base FM! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to end the DJ House Shoes and Eric Lau Australasian tour. It was great to see Auckland in a different way, and give the artists an opportunity to perform outside of their usual club environments, and in front of a musically intelligent crowd”Sam Dutch (Grindin)

The musical line up featured; Eric Lau (UK), Lo Key, Miso Shiru & B_Haru on the 8th of February, and DJ House Shoes (LA), Junior, Dylan C and Milo B on the 22nd of February.  Both events hosted and toasted by Beau Jeffries.

Base FM made sure their international guests made the most of their stay.  They arranged a couple of cool initiatives leaving a lasting impression among New Zealand fans.  They joined forces with Red Bull Studios bringing together Eric Lau and Team Dynamite for an exclusive collaboration. The #SoundSelect Session resulted in the track ‘One Up’. Listen HERE

The good folks over at Serato have uploaded Base FM’s live recording of House Shoes’s Dj set from Boat Party No 2.  Check out it on their Mixcloud page HERE

So what’s next for Base FM? Stay tuned Nationwide: FREEVIEW Ch-71, Worldwide: TUNE IN APP or streaming 24/7 at WWW.BASEFM.CO.NZ

Special thanks to; Crazy Planet Records, Friends In High Places, Red Bull, Serato, Grindin, Black Robin Gin, Blue Duck Vodka, Stoke Beer, Amada Cruises, Converse Jack Purcell & Frontside

Wanderlust kicks off in Melbourne this weekend!

4 Mar Where Will Wanderlust Take you?

On Sunday this week, I’ll be traveling to Melbourne to DJ music and perform YogaRhythms for the first of 3 inspiring one day events for the Wanderlust launch down under.

I’m so excited to participate in what will bring dynamic yoga, mindful living practice and health awareness to the 3 kick-ass towns and hopefully, move, touch and inspire people to bring this kind of practice into their lives for good!! Yeah xx (Myself included)

My role at this events will be to be DJ in-between the ‘acts’ or ‘yogi’s’ (in this case) and perform YOGARHYTHMS (Melb and NZ only) with the beautiful and amazing Sarah Jane Perman from Yoga with SJ!

Look out for us at the Wanderlust Festivals  (Most probably in a purple onsie and animal headpiece!!)

One Love,

Ria xx

WANDERLUST – RELEASE (Read All About it)

Wanderlust, the world’s largest and fastest growing yoga and music platform, is only weeks away from launching Downunder. Iconic park locations are being prepared in Melbourne, Auckland and Sydney as the perfect places to kick off these one day ‘taster’ events.

Festival goers can expect to see some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers, lifestyle gurus and leaders of green living, along with a broad range of top DJs, musicians and performing artists. Also on offer is a delicious range of organic eats, locally produced wine, craft markets and a range of outdoor activities.

“The final countdown is on and we can’t wait to launch Wanderlust Australia and NZ. The ethos of Wanderlust is about bringing together a group of open minded, fun loving and creative individuals who aim to take part in new adventures. These one day events will only be a sampling of the bigger multi day events we have planned for the following year and we hope people will turn out and become part of this exciting new community,” says Festival Director Jonnie Halstead.

Wanderlust has co-created with yoga lifestyle brand lululemon to build an internationally renowned teacher and speaker line-up for each of their three events.

The general festival event is free for those who register to attend online and includes access to ‘The Greatest Place’ for music, yoga and all of the exciting main stage activities. For anyone passionate about yoga there are upgrade packages available that secure yoga spots in the front 5 rows and offer the chance to meet the yoga leaders after class. For those up for a real challenge there are limited premium tickets still available to ‘The Mothership’, where truly immersive yoga workshops will be held. For those who want to let their hair down, the late afternoon will be the perfect time to take in some music while enjoying organic and biodynamic wines from ‘Winederlust’.

“Some of the ticket packages have already sold out, while the free registrations are already into the thousands. We are overwhelmed with the initial response to the festivals and can’t wait to see Wanderlust (Downunder) come to life!” says Jonnie Halstead.

Free registration, ticketing and lineup info for each city can be found at the websites below:

Wanderlust In The City – Melbourne
South Beach Reserve, St Kilda
Victoria Labour Day – Monday March 10th

Wanderlust In The City – Auckland
Lakeside Park, Western Springs
Sunday March 23rd

Wanderlust In The City – Sydney
The Domain, Royal Botanic Gardens
Sunday March 30th

International yoga instructors include Eoin Finn, Duncan Peak, Amy Ippoliti, Cameron Shayne and Tiffany Cruikshank, Claudine & Honza Lafond, Future Sound of Yoga and Agoga.

Music performers include Ladi6, The Bamboos, Goodwill (Ministry of Sound), Tahir Faridi, Sufi Qawwali Ensemble, DJ Jumps, Aroha and Jed&Hera

Mindful living speakers include Dr. Libby, Krista Jane, Swami Govindananda and many more.

Yoga guru CAMERON SHAYNE will be performing at all three Wanderlust events. Known as an innovator, painter, performance artist, writer and movement pioneer, this will be a unique opportunity to follow Cameron through one of his incredible classes.

Renowned yogi DUNCAN PEAK will be leading yoga at all three Wanderlust events. Over the last decade Duncan has dedicated his time to pioneering Power Vinyasa Yoga practise within Australian and to creating P.L.A.Y – a business that through its thriving studios and transformational programs touches and inspires thousands of people each week.

CLAUDINE & HONZA LAFOND met six years ago in New York, and have since toured the world practicing AcroYoga. Their love for movement, creativity and each other has lead them to this uniquely beautiful practice which they will demonstrate and teach at each of the Wanderlust Festival events Downunder.

Visionary yogi EOIN FINN is a yogi, surfer and blissologist residing between Vancouver, BC, Venice, CA and Bali. He teaches his unique and transformative Blissology Yoga classes and workshops across the globe.

About Wanderlust

Wanderlust Festival, LLC is a producer of large-scale lifestyle festival events focusing on yoga, music and wellness. Its flagship festival, Wanderlust, was first launched in Squaw Valley, California in 2009 and has already become the largest multi-day yoga event in the world as well as a significant player in the larger US festival market. The company was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Velour Music Group, an artist management company and event producer based in New York City, C3 Presents and Starr Hill Presents, event producers responsible for the top music festival brands in the country, including Austin City Limits Festival, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. For more information, please visit



Do you like your yoga served up with blissful beats?

19 Feb


February 19, 2014

YogaRhythms is a transformational experience of yoga, dance, radical self-expression and electronic music lovingly dished up by Australian yoga teacher and movement experimentalist, SJ (Sarah-Jane Perman) & talented local NZ DJ R.I.A (Rire Norman).

After a perfect connection at Burning Man in 2010, soul sisters SJ and Rire have collaborated to bring together their greatest loves – YOGA, DANCE and MUSIC – with the intention to create a space for participants get back in their flow and LET GO in a yoga rave, minus the hectic beats and strobes.

SJ feels that it is important for people to take time out to dance and move creatively – “we live such busy lives, filled with distractions and the endless pressure of technology so sometimes we lose our connection to each other and to ourselves. YogaRhythms provides a place for people to connect to their hearts, experience their bodies and get crazy on the dance floor.’  

DJ R.I.A. will be sure to keep everyone grooving – ‘The music will flow, just like the yoga, and there WILL BE DANCING INVOLVED. Guaranteed.’

YogaRhythms performed their first NZ gigs over the weekend at Splore Festival to packed audiences.  Emma Mildon (author and blogger) was front and centre – ‘The combo of yoga poses with soul pulsing beats and toe tapping tunes made for the most enlightening and uplifting yoga experiences I have ever experienced.  I rarely turn ‘groupie’ but I was so in blown away by the energy and talents of these ladies that I had to go up for a hug and to give thanks – SUPER talented chicks who have brought a whole new experience and meaning to holistic fitness.  Nourishing the body, mind, soul and spirit with vibrational healing, meditation, yoga, relaxation, dance and blissful beats!’

YogaRhythms is a ‘next-level’, alcohol free dance party in a yoga class. B.Y.0 yoga mats (good, but not essential), your dancing feet, and an open heart.

Upcoming tour dates:

Feb 21 / LOGAN CAMPBELL KINDI, VICTORIA PARK 6PM – Tickets are $25 available now from iTICKET

  • The girls will take over this historic ‘dry’ space and transform it into a place of magical inspiration.
  • Complimentary Love Tonic and Raw Chocolate samples from Nicky MacKinnon (Real Food Promoter)
  • Special Guest DJ Dan Clark (Abundance)




  • Beats on the yoga deck with DJ R.I.A & special YogaRhythms (1 hour) experience

March 10              WANDERLUST – MELBOURNE – Tickets are available from HERE

March 23              WANDERLUST – AUCKLAND – Tickets are available from HERE

For more information and to book visit
For images, interviews and more info please contact Sarah-Jane Perman or
 Yoga_Rhythms_Savasana YogaRhythms_warmup

YogaRhythms – This is It

10 Feb Yoga Rhythms

The YogaRhythms debut is coming to Splore this weekend, then carries on for a mini Auckland tour!

Sj and I have poured our hearts into creating something that is different, new and fresh for those that adore yoga, dance and mindful living.  Its kind of nerve racking considering we’ve done one show previous to this, and that was at Burning man, with no real equipment or direction.  This time it’s different.

What is YogaRhythms you say? well, it’s a yoga-rave of sorts without the strobes and a little less hectic on the beats. We like to say it’s all about ‘flow’ which is obviously a key word when it comes to practicing core-strength vinyassa flow (which is our favorite style of yoga!)

Both coming from a musical background, i can’t wait to present  a DJ set scored to a yoga/flow/dance session with SJ.  SJ will be mic’d up with a madonna head set, and I will be lacing the beats over SJ’s dynamic class.

The music will flow, just like the yoga, and there WILL BE DANCING INVOLVED. Guaranteed

Tour Dates:

Feb 15 & 16  SPLORE FESTIVAL, The Red Bull Workshop Zone 10AM







YogaRhythms Tour Poster 2014

YogaRhythms Tour Poster 2014


Feb 22      SPECIAL WORKSHOP WITH SJ ‘ Awaken the power of your Courageous Heart’

2-4pm, Mairangi Bay Tickets The Yoga Sanctuary

“our heart is a very powerful space of strength, courage and Divine love. On the flip side it is also a space of vulnerability and softness that we like to close off when we feel afraid, shielding it with the armor of our back body in an act of protection. During this workshop you will tap into and awaken the fire of your courageous heart and channel your inner warrior god/goddess through a dynamic flow of standing poses, hip openers, arm balances and heart opening backbends to help you dissolve your fears, shed your armor and allow you to experience the pure power of your heart. Be brave and embrace your challenges, keep your heart open to your limitless potential and your courage will surely follow…!” - Yoga with SJ

SJ_NZ press


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