Let The Music Move You

Music for Yoga, Meditation & Dance journeys – Liberation though music and movement!


“I call on all elements of mind, body and spirt when I create a set. It’s a conscious intention to design an emotive journey which travels through peaks and troughs. Each musical journey aims to inspire healing and activate bliss, unity and connection.” – RIA


RIA is a high-vibing, genre-slaying, yoga-teaching DJ whose infectious energy flows into her lovingly selected sets, to light up any event.

An established & experienced DJ & Facilitator, RIA first discovered her deep love for music back in 2001 after mixing tunes for Bondi FM, kickstarting her career into the Australian & New Zealand music scene.

Today, RIA is a Yoga Teacher and 5Elements Dance Facilitator, here to offer a unique gift of transformation: RIA brings her love of yoga, ecstatic dance, music and high energy vibrations together to create YogaRhythms, a deeply cool, coherent journey into the 5 cardinal elements and ancient waters of the inner self.

RIA uses her Yoga Rhythms Project to explore the realms of world-fusion music by building an atmosphere from ambience into ecstatic bliss. By embodying the joy of connection & wellbeing within, RIA holds and creates space for the ecstasy of being to emerge! Her Dj sets & workshops ignite a reflection of how we can connect into a harmonic freedom with our selves, our tribe and Mother Earth.

She’s performed internationally at: Burning Man (US), The French Alps (FRC), Splore (NZ), Wanderlust (NZ), Prana (NZ), Sundaise (NZ), EarthBeat (NZ), Byron Spirit Festival (AUS), Global Village – Splendour in the Grass (AUS), Luminate (NZ), Lost Paradise (NSW), Rainbow Serpent (VIC) & Earth Frequency (QLD)


“We have always danced for healing, prayer and transformation in ritual and celebration – dancing with a conscious intention invites us to get real and dance with what IS.” – RIA


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