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RIA is a vinyasa yoga teacher based on Waiheke Island, New Zealand (Mostly). The rest of the time she’s traveling between Australia and New Zealand with her YogaDance workshop YogaRhythms.

An advocate of rhythm, it’s her dharma to guide people not only though the physical asana, but the embodyment of prana and the pluse of life in relationship to our sacred Earth (As taught by Shiva Rea)

Her classes are a mix of modern Yoga blending fluidity, strength and grace to bring forth regeneration, empowerment and balance.

Enjoy upbeat and inspirational classes traversing, conversation, chanting, meditation & movement to music. Move effortlessly from the physical to the wisdom body for greater vitality and embodiment.

“It’s so great to have Wednesday morning yoga instructor Rire back! I love her class! She has a special gift for talking us through the each posture and I have never wanted to work so hard. Even though this is a “basics-introductory” class it is super challenging. I feel like I’m in training. Inspiring and awesome!”

– Jane (Abundance Mind Body, Auckland)

Rire’s Auckland and Waiheke Island based yoga sessions consist of stong vinysa flow sequencing aiming to not only tone, strengthen and lengthen muscle groups, but also to ignite the power within unify with the breath cycles and the brain waves.

“THANK YOU for the most incredible series of classes…. Without a doubt the best yoga experiences I’ve ever had have taken place on that lawn.”  – Melanie Hall, Waiheke Island. 

The lady herself

RIA is the lady herself, when she’s out in the world doing her thing! Named by her father, ‘Rire’ meaning ‘to laugh’ in French – the joy you feel when no one tells a joke – Thanks dad ;-)

She’s travelled plenty, living for long periods of time in Australia and Europe mixing with many cultures and communities offering a large pool of life experience to draw from in the yoga room.

“Thanks for yoga this morning! I really enjoyed it… I don’t do very much yoga so I liked how relaxed and ‘be-yourself’ it was.  Also really loved your authentic presentation of the class – that “yoga voice” stereotype that some people use really distracts me, so I really appreciated how you just brought your real personality.” – Jeremy Warne (Morning People)

While growing up on Waiheke Island they had a house full of crystals and holistic practices such as meditation, yoga and being a vegetarian house hold, an awareness of the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables was the only way!

Her farther, a student of the Course In Miracles is her best teacher, and is always there to provide wisdom and support along this life journey. Back in the day he traveled extensively, spending a lot of time in India bringing back with him stories of great Gurus, Swami’s and wizards (yes Wizards!) which set her on the path to self realisation and spiritual understanding from an early age.

A Natural Influence

A lover of nature, animals and the enviornement, RIA is doing her part to bring more awareness to local and global issues. Born and bred vegaterian, she’s dedicated to influencing people towards a compassionate lifestyle where we honour all living things.  Working with Rire and her crew helps others to achieve a more healthy and wholesome attitude on life.


Rire has spent time honing her craft during frequent trips to Australia for yoga festivals and events while also performing with Yoga Rhythms. During this time she’s been absorbing tips, tricks and teachings from world-class, leaders and teachers from the yoga & wellness world which she brings with gratitide to her classes.

Work With RIA

RIA is available for

  • Private group sessions
  • One on one yoga coaching
  • Corporate wellness events
  • Beginner yoga programs
  • Music supervision for Yoga studios.

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