Relections on The Bhagavad Gita: Giving up on attachment

“A wise man, who gives up attachment to the fruit of action is released from the bondage of birth and death”

The Gita repeatedly tells us to avoid attachment, especially to the fruit of action.

If an action is total, if it is self-fulfilling, a labour of love, without any attachment or expectation to its outcomes or ‘fruits’, the action then becomes complete in its self, like a circle. It has no end.

This is a very important lesson and one I get caught up on. I did this for you, so therefore you owe me this, but to give unconditionally with love all that you have and more, and to do this with pure devotion, is truly understanding the teachings of the Gita. The reward is the fulfilment of the ‘action’ its self.

I recently learnt a hard lesson regarding this aphorism. I worked my heart out on a project fantasising about how things would be in the future, and how amazing it would be, and how much my career would grow and flourish. I worked with passion and determination, all the while visualising the outcome of success.

When the time came to negotiate my place, I confidently stated my value while standing strong in the face of adversity, knowing in my heart I had spent a life time feeling I was never enough to be my worth. I felt good, my ego was enjoying a flow state and telling it was time to shine and I deserved it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go that well. My confidence and enthusiasm was mistaken for cockiness and I was shot down. I fell from my perch and into a heap of despair, stuck in anger and resentment.

It was then I drew on gratitude for the smallest of considerations as simple as having my arms and legs attached to my body, food in my belly and a roof over my head. It was then I was reminded, that If you are love, and you teach only love, love comes through you like a glowing light and extends to every part of your being. You are your ‘self’, and all your actions become pure, instead that of a preconceived agenda.

I am perfect, whole and complete and the decision that was make wasn’t personal it was just how I choose to react to it.  If you come from the perspective that you were never born and you never die. The world is in your mind, when you meditate and you look into your thoughts, you can easily create a world that’s in your mind. If led by the ego, it can occur as a judgement.

To give one’s self generously and selflessly is brave and courageous, but to what cost? Why do we set our selves up to suffering when we’re well aware we’re going into battle?

When does duty become slavery and when dose slavery become duty? When do we realise duty (dharma) is the hard school where we learn to crucify our ego?

A humbling experience, and not to put me off ‘action’ its self, as we must keep moving forward, challenging ourselves and reaching new potentials.

Sometimes we must stand in what we believe is moral and right and be ok with it.   There is no crystal ball; there is only the now. How we relate and participate in that moment is true strength and wisdom.

The Gita tells us, there’s no salvation in form. When your desire to be one with your creator/god or Krishna (which ever works for you), and when you turn around and face him, meeting the mighty gaze, that’s what it’s all about. Your true love is within. You are god. One attains to liberation if he gives up his attachment to the fruit of action.

Refections by RIA